8 Best Conical Fermenters for Beer

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Equipment that plays an important role in imparting unique flavor and taste to the beer is the fermenter. Though people have used different types of fermenters in the past, today conical fermenters have become quite popular when making beer at home. The efficiency of the conical fermenter is much higher than the traditional fermenters.

Today, I am going to review a few best conical fermenters available in the market. These fermenters have been chosen after meticulous testing and collecting feedback from the experienced brewers. But first, let me explain a few basic things about the conical fermenter.

Advantages of Using a Conical Fermenter

No Racking

A conical fermenter allows collection of dead proteins, wort debris and yeast, called trub, to collect at the bottom. This can be removed easily through a hose or transferred to a containment unit which prevents racking.

No Secondary Fermentation 

Since you can remove the trub or any sediments from the conical fermenter, there is no need to go for secondary fermentation. This saves a lot of time and makes sure that the flavors and taste remain intact.

Prevention of Oxidation

With other fermenters, there was always a need of transferring the content for secondary fermentation. This risked oxidation. With conical fermenter, there is no need of secondary fermentation hence oxidation is completely avoided.

Durability and Cleaning 

Stainless steel fermenters have higher longevity than plastic ones. Cleaning the conical fermenter, whether it is steel or plastic, is easy since you can effortlessly siphon the trub and sediment from the hose.

Reuse of Yeast 

The trub you collect from the conical contains reusable yeast. You can clean the trub and collect the yeast for next brewing. This not only saves money, time and effort, it also gives second round beer a high gravity.      

Now that you have gained some knowledge about conical fermenters, let’s see some of the best conical fermenters available in the market. The features along with pros and cons of the equipment would help you in choosing an appropriate conical fermenter that fulfills your need.

Best Conical Fermenter Reviews

1. BrewDemon Conical Fermenter

BrewDemon Conical Fermenter by Demon Brewing Company - Frost - NO NEED TO SIPHON 25% Heavier Duty Beer-Cider-Mead-Wine-Kombucha Fermenter Brewing System
  • WORLD’S FIRST! MADE IN THE USA - This patented small batch fermenter is the first of its kind, includes everything you need, quality and long lasting durability! The conical design reduces the amount of trub making contact with your finished beer, leaving you with a cleaner, clearer, better tasting recipe.
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY - Made from BPA-free professional food-grade, durable plastic that imparts no unwanted flavor in your recipe. Includes our premium adjustable flow spigot with barbed spout, which allows secure attachment a hose and bottle filler.
  • SMALL BATCH FERMENTER - Designed specifically for BrewDemon’s 2 gallon recipes, but can ferment any 2 gallon or 2.5 gallon recipe.

The world’s first small batch fermenter is quite well known among homebrewers. This patented design has the capacity of 3 gallons hence, you can brew up to 2 gallons and 2.5-gallon beer batches. What is more interesting is that you can also brew wine, cider and mead apart from beer in this fermenter.

The material used to manufacture the BrewDemon conical fermenter is food-grade and heat-tolerant plastic. The quality of this material doesn’t interfere with the flavor and taste of beer and you get what you want as the finished product. The design also allows you to easily transfer the beer to bottles or mugs keeping the sediments at the bottom.

This equipment doesn’t require airlock and the entire package consists of a fermenter base, spigot, temperature gauge, CO2 vent plug and bubbler upgrade. It also has a two-year warranty in case you find any problem with the equipment.


  • Completely reusable
  • No need of airlock
  • Large mouth opening
  • Adjustable spigot
  • Smooth inner surface
  • Perfect for small batches


  • Brittle spigot
  • Sometimes the lid doesn’t seal effectively
  • Tap is made from cheap material

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2. Fastferment Full Throttle Parts Complete Conical Fermenter

Full Throttle Parts Fastferment Complete Conical Fermenting Set Up
  • SPECIAL EDITION PACKAGE: Our best selling conical fermenter product paired with all the fermentation accessories you need! The Special Edition package includes the FastFerment 7.9 Gallon conical fermenter, fermenter stand, Carry Strap, homebrew thermometer and stainless steel thermowell
  • CONSISTENT HIGH QUALITY: The conical fermenter design eliminates sediment and exposure to oxygen while allowing for yeast harvesting. The end result is a consistent high quality batch of beer, wine, or hard cider
  • EASY AND EFFICIENT: FastFerment is a one-stage system which eliminates racking and transferring between buckets and carboys. Save 80% of the time and effort needed to make a batch of beer, wine or cider compared to traditional methods

This is a special edition fermenter from Fastferment. The 7.9-gallon capacity fermenter comes with a thermometer, stand, stainless steel thermowell, and a carry strap.

The stand allows you to keep the fermenter anywhere in and around your home and observe the temperature of the fermentation process through a stainless steel thermometer. The carry strap allows you to firmly fix the kit so that you can carry around the equipment without much hassle.

The thermowell allows you to monitor the process of fermentation without needing your intervention. The entire equipment is made from high-grade material, which makes sure that your beer gives you the intended flavor and taste. The equipment has a one-year warranty period.


  • Special edition package
  • Stainless steel thermometer
  • Easily movable
  • Ergonomically designed stand
  • Flexible strap


  • Not a leak-proof equipment

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3. FermZilla Conical Fermenter

FermZilla Conical Fermenter - 7.1 gal. / 27 L - for Homebrewing KL06835
  • The FermZilla 27L Tank with Butterfly Dump Valve is the perfect option for brewers that want all the advantages of a conical fermenter without the price tag of a stainless steel unit.

This is an improved version of the original Fermentasaurus Gen 1 fermenter. This 7.1-gallon capacity fermenter comes with a large butterfly dump valve of 3 inches. Due to its large opening, you can dump trub, harvest yeast, and clean the fermenter with ease. Large opening measuring 4.75 inches allows you to pour wort without any spillage. It is also packed with accessories like reinforced stainless steel stand, airlock, adhesive thermometer, strap watch, and spare seals.

Another special feature of this fermenter is the 27L FermZilla Pressure Kit. This kit allows you to carbonate and serve in one vessel which other fermenters have. The fermenter is made from clear PET, which allows you to monitor fermentation from outside. This also allows you to maintain pressure at an optimal level and transfer the beer with little or no exposure to oxygen.


  • Large dump valve
  • Wide top opening
  • Clear PET design
  • Best for big batches
  • FermZilla Pressure Kit


  • Not feasible for small batches   

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4. Fastferment Conical Fermenter

FASTFERMENT - FFT FastFerment Conical Fermenter 7.9 Gallon HomeBrew Kit BPA Free Food grade Primary Carboy Fermenter: Beer Brewing, Wine Fermentation or a Hard Cider brewing kit. Wall mount included
  • GOLD MEDAL WINNER: FastFerment is a Gold Medal Winner at the Largest Homebrew Competition - HomebrewCon 2016 in Baltimore, MD - Other Ales Category
  • CONSISTENT HIGH QUALITY: The conical fermenter design eliminates sediment and exposure to oxygen while allowing for yeast harvesting. The end result is a consistent high quality batch of beer, wine, or hard cider
  • EASY AND EFFICIENT: FastFerment is a one-stage system which eliminates racking and transferring between buckets and carboys. Save 80% of the time and effort needed to make a batch of beer, wine or cider compared to traditional methods

This gold medal-winning fermenter is one of a kind with a high capacity of 7.9 gallon. It has a wide top opening which helps in the smooth addition of ingredients. Yeast collection ball helps you in collecting the trub and harvesting yeast later.

Filling of bottles or kegs has been made easy through bottle filling attachment. You can mount the entire kit on the wall with wall mount and hardware provided with the kit. You can use a stainless steel thermowell to insert a thermometer.


  • Wide top opening
  • High capacity of 7.9 gallon
  • Wall mounting facility
  • Easy yeast collection
  • Bottle filling attachment to collect beer


  • Ball valve is weak

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5. Blichmann Conical Fermenter

This is a fermentor made completely from stainless steel by Blichmann. The inside of the 14.5-gallon capacity fermentor is weld-free. This feature helps in cleaning the fermentor efficiently and enhances sealing capabilities. The dump valve makes sure that it removes every bit of sediment from the fermentor.

The keg-style hatch lid allows carbon dioxide to escape easily and makes sure that the beer is not exposed to the air. It has been provided with a racking arm to facilitate the transferring process. The bottom valve allows for easy removal of trub. Apart from beer, you can also make wine, cider, or any other fermented beverage.


  • Completely stainless steel
  • Weld-free interiors
  • Efficient lid
  • Rotating racking valve


  • Not for small batch preparations

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6.  Ss Brewtech Home Brewing Chronical Fermenter

This is a top-notch stainless steel conical fermenter with a 7-gallon capacity fermenter that has been designed for homebrewers by Ss Brewtech. The fermenter has the facility of dual fermentation since it effectively reduces contact between beer and yeast collected at the bottom. You can harvest the yeast and use it for secondary fermentation.

The Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System (FTSS) allows you to control the temperature with precision within 1 degree of its set point. It includes other features like a rotatable racking arm, a domed lid with secure spring clamps, etched volume markings, and integrated PRV.  


  • Dual Fermentation
  • Designed with a professional approach
  • Good for large batch brewing
  • Precise temperature control
  • High ratings


  • Not good for small-batch brewing

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7. Grainfather Conical Bundle

Grainfather Conical Bundle
  • Double Walled
  • Integrated Gentle Heating
  • Integrated Cooling Sleeve

This is a pro edition fermenter specially designed for large batch brewing. It is made from double-walled 304 stainless steel. It has been bundled with features like a digital temperature controller, integrated 30W heating element, and cooling sleeve.

The Grainfather conical fermenter has a large opening on the top. This opening helps you to pour the wort effortlessly without any spillage. The large opening allows you to clean and sanitize the equipment easily. The design has provided enough space to update and add accessories.


  • Professional design
  • Good for large batch
  • Wide opening at the top
  • Digital temperature control
  • Provision for update


  • Has some issues with the control unit

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8. Catalyst Fermentation System

Craft A Brew - The Catalyst Fermentation System - 6.5 gal Conical Fermenter for Beer Home Brewing and Wine Making
  • CONICAL FERMENTER – The future of fermentation is here with elegant brewing equipment which simplifies the process of making beer and wine at home. Enjoy a system that separates sediment, eliminates transfers, and lets you bottle straight from your fermenter.
  • BECOME A MASTER BREWER – All you need to make great beer at home is included here. Supplies include a giant 6. 5-gallon conical tank, bottling attachment, transfer tubing, rubber stopper, 16 oz wide mouth glass mason jar, and more.
  • SECURE AND DURABLE – The Catalyst’s tank is made from Tritan, a food-safe, BPA-free polymer. This revolutionary material retains the same clarity and smoothness of glass, but is resistant to shattering and scratching. Total Height (does not include airlock): 26. 25" Maximum Width: 17”.

This fermenter is a special one due to the material used in manufacturing it. It is made from a special type, a food-safe polymer called Tritan. This material doesn’t lose its clarity even after several uses allowing you to process the beer with utmost accuracy. Tritan is also an anti-shattering material so you can peacefully allow the beer to ferment without bothering about breaking. The 6-gallon capacity fermenter performs the job of separating sediments, prohibits transfers, and allows you to bottle the drink with minimum effort.

The Catalyst fermenter has the largest trub trap butterfly valve of 3 inches in size. It allows you to collect the yeast and later store for further use. The whole kit consists of a stand, lid, tubing clamp, transfer tubing, bottling attachment, butterfly valve, and rubber stopper. The fermenter comes with a Mason jar that makes the process of adding ingredients easy.


  • Mason jar
  • Butterfly valve
  • Kettle rub for pre-fermentation
  • Made from Tritan polymer
  • Facilitates secondary yeast harvesting


  • Lid seal is not that effective

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If I were spoiled by too many choices then I would highly suggest to go for BrewDemon Conical Fermenter as it has all the required features and accessories. It is also easily transferable, good for small batches, and light on the pocket.

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