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BrewDemon Conical Fermenter Review

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BrewDemon conical fermenter makes the brewing process simpler and faster. Giving you the taste of professional brewing at home, the BrewDemon fermenter fits the needs of homebrewers who make small batches at a time. Best of all, the BrewDemon fermenter has eliminated the need for any additional fermenter or buckets throughout the process. 

Claiming to be the “World’s First Small Batch Conical Fermenting System”, BrewDemon enables you to brew beer, hard cider, mead, wine, kombucha like a professional. In this BrewDemon review, let us explore in detail what makes this conical fermenter a must-have. 

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BrewDemon Conical Fermenter Features

Easy Brewing

With BrewDemon conical fermenter, you can complete your brewing process in 3 easy steps.

The first step is to sanitize the equipment. Do not use an acid based sanitizer like Star-San as it can deterioriate the spigot in the long run. Use an oxygen based like One Step or an iodine sanitizer instead. This 15-minute process will kill any bacteria, mold, or wild yeast that can affect the taste of your brew. 

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The second step is fermentation. At this stage, you need to add the mix, yeast, and water. BrewDemon mixes (not included and sold separately) are ready for fermentation and contain malted extracts and hops.

After 7 days of rest, the third step is to carbonate your beer and bottle them. Use a bottle capper to make sure they are sealed properly and its suggested to wait 2 more weeks until you should drink your brew.

Large Opening

The large opening of the BrewDemon conical fermenter allows easy access for adding water and other ingredients. You can put your hand in the conical unit and reach every surface to clean it thoroughly. 

Efficient Vent System

The unique venting system of the BrewDemon fermenter allows CO2 to escape while keeping out any harmful contaminants. Instead of notches, the BrewDemon has a vent hole that comes with a vent plug helping the gas to escape and not become clogged in the process. This can be upgraded with an airlock that is included in the product package or you can add a blow-off tube. 

Superior Build Quality

The material of the BrewDemon conical fermenter is BPA-free professional-grade, durable food-grade PVC. This high-quality material does not impart any unwanted flavor to your brew. 

The whole package of this fermenter includes the translucent conical container, fermenter base, tap/spigot, stick-on temperature gauge, CO2 vent plug, and upgrading tools like an airlock, lid gasket, and rubber stopper.

Intelligent Design

The conical design of the BrewDemon fermenter is not for merely aesthetic purposes. It is built keeping in mind what professional brewers use. Due to its conical shape, it helps to reduce the amount of surface exposure to the wort. 

Less surface exposure reduces the chances of affecting the flavors of the beer. The conical design also ensures that all other solid residues including the trub, yeast, and hop matter settle down beneath the valve. 

Clear Measurement

For your convenience, measurements are molded on the back of the outer surface of the fermenter. In terms of clarity, the BrewDemon measurement markings are much more sophisticated than other brands. 

Starting at 1-gallon it can measure up to 2.5-gallons. You can also find a stick-on thermometer with this fermenter. It helps you to note the temperature for pouring various ingredients like wort or yeast. 

Adjustable Flow Spigot

The flow spigot is made from plastic but it is well-made. This device is sturdy and made to last. With this high-grade tap, you would not have to worry about any breakage. 

The spigot also has an easy on/off lever function. It helps to adjust the flow and make it easier to bottle. The barbed spout secures the attachment of any hose or bottle filler to the spigot. 

Recipe Kits

Thanks to pre-made recipe kits that you can buy from BrewDemon, it removes several steps from homebrewing that make it easier for beginners. It also allows for more room for brewing beer instead of pellet hops taking up more space.

They offer all types of beer recipes from ales, pilsners, souts, red ales, IPAs, witbiers, lagers, dopplebock, brown ale and a variety of ciders.

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Benefits of BrewDemon Conical Fermenter

BrewDemon fermenter is one of the best ways to learn about home brewing without any complications. It is very easy to use and does not require any prior knowledge. Here are some pros and cons to help you make your decision. 


  • Entire fermentation process is visible and can be monitored
  • Translucent amber color body protects against UV rays
  • Also available in clear if you want to see your brew
  • Cuts out a few steps from traditional home brewing
  • Extremely easy to use and clean
  • Well-designed and sturdy built 
  • Live telephone customer support
  • Affordable price range on all models
  • Updated spigot from faulty previous spigot


  • It may be small for larger homebrewers
  • Spigot can be hurt by acid based sanitizers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the BrewDemon fermenter? 

The BrewDemon fermenter is 16” tall X 10” wide and has a total volume of 3.125-gallons.

Is there any warranty available? 

Yes, BrewDemon offers 2 years of warranty.

Can I brew it on my countertop and leave it there while brewing?

Yes, this is a great setup for countertop brewing as long as you leave it out of direct sunlight.

What’s included?

In the box you’ll get a clear or amber conical fermenter based on your choice, a base for the fermenter, CO-2 vent plug, temperature gauge that you can stick on for readings, the spigot, and an airlock with lid gasket.

Is there a drain at the bottom?

No, you will have to dump and clean and sanitize through the lid, which is easy due to the wide opening.


With an unbeatable price tag, the BrewDemon conical fermenter is a perfect fit for beginners trying out homebrewing to even more experienced brewers wanting to test smaller brews. It is easy to set up and following the instructions you can prepare professional-level brews in no time.

This is why we have it ranked as our top conical fermenter so know that you’re getting the best with the BrewDemon.

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