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Fastferment Conical Fermenter Review: The Complete Setup

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Are you interested in beer or winemaking at home? Then, you might have heard that a fermenter can help you with this process. But, you might be wondering whether the Fastferment Conical Fermenter is everything you need.

You might be even interested in understanding how far it is efficient compared to the other fermenters in the market. Hopefully our Fastferment Conical Fermenter review will help you with this.

With this process, you can turn the grape juice into wine. It is the process in which yeasts metabolize grape sugars. In turn, they start producing alcohol, heat and carbon dioxide.

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Fastferment Conical Fermenter Features

You should know what features make the Fastferment Conical Fermenter the best for your beer or winemaking needs.

Single Container for Primary and Secondary Fermentation

Some fermenters have different containers for primary and secondary fermentation. The good thing about Fastferment Conical Fermenter is that it will save space. The reason is that it offers a single 7.9 gallon container both for primary and secondary fermentation processes.

Stainless Steel Thermowell

You can monitor it without having to disturb the process of fermentation due to the stainless steel thermowell. With no disturbance there will not be any change in taste and corrosion.

Stainless Steel Thermometer

To help you with the monitoring and not disturbing the process, the Fastferment Conical Fermenter comes with a stainless steel thermometer for temperature.

Fermenter Stand

With the fermenter stand that comes as a part of this fermenter you can make sure that you can brew anywhere in your home. Also, the associated carry strap makes moving easy.

Premium Batches

Are you an average winemaker or home brewer? Then, the conical design of this unit will restrict the exposure to oxygen. In turn, it permits yeast harvesting. As a result, you can get consistently high-quality batches of wine and beer.

Now, it is time to get into benefits of Fastferment Conical Fermenter.

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Fastferment Conical Fermenter Benefits

This Fastferment Conical Fermenter review will help you to know the good and bad.


  • Affordable option
  • Complete set for all fermentation needs
  • Easily clean the fermenter with removable screw top
  • Make 5-7 gallon batches
  • Wall mounting system
  • Collection ball for harvesting yeast
  • Easy temperature monitoring
  • Ability to harvest yeast
  • Less oxygen exposure
  • Less contamination and increased sanitation
  • No sediment contamination
  • 80% less work with no racking and transferring
  • Guaranteed consistent batches
  • 7.9 gallon fermenter


  • May be hard to hand-tighten attachments for some
  • Make sure lid is sealed to avoid leaks
  • Plastic material

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What temperature can the fermenter handle?

The Fastferment Conical Fermenter set that includes conical vessel and parts can handle utmost 176 F or 80 degrees Celsius.

How to stir the ingredients in FastFerment?

To stir the ingredients, it would be better to use a long plastic spoon or rod that is properly sanitized. Make sure not to use metal as it can scrap the walls inside the fermenter.

Can a beginner use it?

Yes, after reading instructions it is easy to use even for a beginner.

What can you brew?

You can make the best quality beer, wine, mead, and cider with this fermenter.

What is the least quantity of beer or wine i can make with FastFermenter?

Based on the head space, you can make at least 5 gallons (ca. 19 liters) of wine or beer. This is the ideal measurement to make a perfect wine or beer.

Why is my valve leaking?

Initially, make sure that you have adequate amount of TeakTape on every threaded end. When you put on Teak Take, ensure that you wrap the tape in clockwise direction with 2-5 layers. To correct the leaking, wrap the threads in 3-5 layers of teak tape and screw the adjoining parts jointly.

For more detailed questions as you begin to use the FastFerment you can visit their very thorough FAQ resource.

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Final Verdict

With a single container, the Fastferment Conical Fermenter reduces a lot of labor required for making beer or wine in your home. Above all, it saves your time as well as you will not have to transfer the beer or wine from the primary to the secondary container. Further, it is the best because you can monitor the entire fermentation process. You can do this without having to disturb the process with a stainless steel thermometer and thermowell.

While this FastFerment review was for the complete set that includes the stand, you’ll still need to order the FastFerment fermentation jacket separately for temperature control. You’ll be glad you did.

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So, are you ready for one of the best home conical fermenters with the FastFerment?

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