robobrew v3 review

Robobrew v3 Review

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The all-in-one electric brewing system, Robobrew v3 with pump is the easiest way to start brewing all your grains. If you are a home brewer and looking for the perfect product to produce high-quality brews at home, the Robobrew v3 is what you need. In this Robobrew with pump review, I am going to discuss all the necessary details that you need to know.

Robobrew v3 is equipped with all the necessary features like an in-built pump, digital monitor, dual heating mechanism, and much more. The wide range of features helps in performing advanced tasks with minimal effort. Here is why you should consider using the robobrew v3 with pump. 

Robobrew v3 Features 

Robust Built Quality 

The sturdy built quality of Robobrew v3 can handle heavy loads. It is durable enough to perform most home brewing tasks with ease. The high-grade heating elements carry out the heating and boiling functions without any disturbances. 

The stainless steel makes converting the mash tun to a boil kettle an easy task. You can use the handle to lift the malt pipes from the Robobrew to drain the wort. The legs at the base raise the pipes to prevent clogging. 

Automatic Step Mashing 

The Robobrew v3 electric brewing system comes with the feature of automatic step mashing. You can change and select temperature and duration from 6 preset programs. With the help of such specific settings, I was able to get the desired level of step mash. 

To select the stage you want press the “S1-S^’ button. You can use the other buttons for setting the temperature, time, and +/- to set your program. If you have less than 6 stages, the automatic step masher will skip the steps on its own.

An alarm will alert you when all the stages are complete and the unit will retain the last set temperature. 

Dual Heating Elements 

The Robobrew v3 has dual heating elements that give you greater control over the heating process. The dual heating element works on a single 110-volt plug. You can either use the 1900 watt and 500 watts one at a time or combine them and get a 1500 watt function. You can control the elements with individual switches. 

Digital Control Panel 

The water-resistant feature of the digital control panel shows its durability. This feature prevents any mishap caused by water spills or any liquid dripping down the side. The Robobrew v3 is strong and is built for brewing. 

You can see the present temperature and also set your desired temperature. The feature of delayed start is also available in the digital control panel of the Robobrew v3. You can delay the start by 23 hours in advance which gives you enough time to get the water hot and ready. 

Magnetic Drive Pump

Recirculating the wort has never been easier. The built-in magnetic drive pump helps to recirculate the wort through the recirculation section during the mash. To get firm control over the whole recirculation process, get some high-temperature silicone tubing for the recirculation arm. 

Benefits of Robobrew v3 with Pump 

Robobrew v3 with pump is known for its user-friendliness and high-quality output. You can experiment with various blends and try out new recipes. Here are some pros and cons to evaluate while making your decision. 


  • Easy to use with various advanced features like digital temperature control and heating systems.
  • Robust built quality with small and portable design 
  • Easy transfer and recirculation of wort
  • Highly efficient dual heating system 
  • Value for money


  • Build could be bigger to make more beer
  • For some users, temperature setting and volume indicators may require more time

Highlighted Features

  • Dual Heating Elements (1900W & 500W)
  • Automatic Step Mashing with 6 programmable stages
  • Recirculation Arm
  • Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Immersion Wort Chiller
  • Stainless Steel Malt Pipe
  • Stainless Steel 1/2″ Ball Valve
  • 9-Gallon Capacity (35 L)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any indicator for hop addition?

Yes, the boil addition timers will help you in hop addition. 

Is the Robobrew v3 portable?

Yes. The small and portable design fits homeowners with limited space. 


Robobrew v3 is one of the most comprehensive feature-rich brewing systems you will find at this price range. With all the latest technology and fresh design, Robobrew v3 is a good investment to make.   

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