blichmann hoprocket review

Blichmann Hoprocket Review

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Many beer enthusiasts prefer to have some extra hop in their beer. Thankfully, many products can satisfy them. One of the pieces of equipment used for doing this is Blichmann HopRocket. This infuser is superior to many of the other infusers available in the market.

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Blichmann HopRocket Features

Excellent Pressure Control

The infuser can withstand a maximum pressure of 40 PSI. That means the chances of it exploding are lower.

High Infuser Capacity

The infuser can hold almost 3 oz of beer in the hopback. As for the infuser, it can hold 4 oz. This amount is near twice the amount the Hop Back Randall infuser can hold.

Aromas Are Sealed Tight

All the equipment used is fully enclosed. That means from the brew kettle where the process starts to the fermenter. It is done to ensure that the hot aromas of the brew are not lost.

Can Be Integrated With Brewing Stand

In case you are using a TopTier modular brewing stand, you can integrate HopRocket with it. It is optional to buy also the HopRocket mounting kit.

Materials Used for Construction

The hopback is made using 100% stainless steel, and it has seals made from silicone.

Hot-side Aeration Is Reduced

The equipment has an inlet present at the bottom of the equipment. Its purpose is to air in and purge the hot-side aeration.

Wort Channeling Prevented

The infuser has coned bottom inlets and coarse filters. Their function is to prevent Wort channeling. It also serves another purpose as a backup for hot utilization.

Only Clear Wort Is Sent to Your Fermenter

The HopRocket uses fine filters that are closed using wiper seals. It is done so that the worts going to the fermenter are very clear.

Integrate With a Dispensing System

The HopRocket can be integrated into your homebrewing draft system. Its installation is simple as long as you have a draft dispensing kit, which Blichmann also offers.

Inline Filters Made From Rice Hulls

The HopRocket can use inline filters. For that, you can use rice hulls. The amount of rice hulls needed is 3 oz.

Monitoring of Wort Levels Is Not Required

The design of the HopRocket is such that an overflow of wort will not take place. It means that you need not monitor it. This is a great advantage as it makes the process simpler.

Combination of Pumps and Gravity

The Blichmann HopRocket functions using a combination of pumps and gravity. For the gravity part to perform properly, you will need a static head of four feet (one meter)

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Benefits of Using HopRocket

Many of the small-time brewers require equipment that is both cost-effective and good. This equipment meets both criteria.


  • Can store twice as more than infuser Hop Back Randall
  • Never overflows (wort level monitoring is not required)
  • Wort provided to your fermenter (it has fine filters closed using wiper seals)
  • Uses both pumps and gravity system
  • Can be integrated to modular brewing stand and draft dispensing system
  • Hot-side aeration is reduced
  • Silicone seals and stainless steel are used to make the equipment


  • Not a strainer or filter
  • designed to push liquids nor pull

HopRocket can be used as a strainer or filter but it was not designed for it. You would have to install a prefilter to prevent debris as trub and pellet hops from making their way to the fermenter. They would plug the way and stop the flow of wort. You can fill the HopRocket with rice hulls to improve the performance of the filters.

Highlighted Features

  • Infuser capacity twice as its competition
  • Wort overflow does not take place
  • Can work using both pumps and gravity
  • Integration with draft dispensing system and brewing stand possible

Frequently Asked Questions About Blichmann HopRocket

How to remove the sediment that appear at the end product?

You can use a prefilter or use rice hulls to improve the filtering.

Where should I install HopRocket in my brewing configuration?

You should install the HopRocket between the pump and chiller for pump configuration. In the case of gravity configuration you should put between the brew pot and the chiller.

Does it come with instructions or a manual?

Yes, but you can also see the owner’s manual with instructions for the HopRocket here.

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At the end of the Blichmann HopRocket review, we can say that the product does what it advertises as a hop infuser. The product can act as a link between the brew kettle and the fermenter. It can also act as an infuser at the dispenser. The product does provide value for money and a great benefit for both small-time beginner brewers and more novice homebrewers.

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