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Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle Review for Homebrewers

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Have you been trying to brew your own beer but having trouble finding the right equipment? There are a whole range of products available to cater your needs.

This Northern Brewer Gigawort Electric Boil Kettle review might help you find just what you’ve been looking for.

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Gigawort Brew Kettle Features

Electric Brew Kettle

Electric brews have become popular over the years mostly owing to the ease of use. Having been brewing my own beer for last few years, I could almost immediately sense the ease and hassle free approach of electric brew kettles. The comfort of preset and auto turn off are few examples of which I will talk in detail.

Easy Setup

The unit is super simple to assemble and use. The valves that come along with the Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle fit perfectly into the outlets and assembly requires about 15 to 20 minutes at max. The Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle comes a standard two pin power sockets. Fit that in and you are ready to go.


The conventional home brewing method involved setting up heaters or stoves. This not only take up a lot of space and time, but also come with a fair share of troubles.

The unit also weighs about 9 pounds (ca. 4 kg) in weight and have dimensions of 13×13×23 inches. This makes it easy to carry and can be setup anywhere. A very portable unit with an output of 4 gallons (ca. 15 l) at a time. This makes Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle the best home brewing kettle in the market.

Use Indoors or Outdoors

The ease with Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle is that unlike conventional kettles, this can be setup outdoors as well as indoors. When conventional kettles have the problem of fire burning out whenever there is a breeze or heavy wind, electric kettles do not have the problem.

Auto Turn Off

The Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle come with a 3-hour auto turn off option. This in my opinion is a very useful feature, particularly for first time brewers and can help to avoid over brewing.

Boiling/Heating Switch

The Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle comes with a 600w/1600w switch at the back. This handy little switch helps quickly alter the temperature from boiling to heating temperatures. If you have been brewing in a conventional method, this particular step would usually require you to either switch kettles or open the lid and manually reduce the heat underneath. Now the process can be done simply with the flick of a switch.

Easy To Clean

If you have ever brewed before in your life, you would understand what a pain it is to clean up the units afterwards.

Having a stainless steel metal body, the Gigawort is very easy to clean up afterwards. A bit of powdered brewery wash (PBW) and a scrub is enough to clean up the unit.


The unit also comes with a 120v digital controller display which displays the time, temperature details. It is a handy display which display accurate information pertaining to your brew. The product can be installed in any small and large setup.


The Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle comes with a double wall stainless steel construction. This helps the unit maintain constant temperature even in cold climatic conditions. A good brew always needs consistent heating for a high quality output.

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Benefits of Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle

The Device is excellent for those looking to start brewing at home. It provides the perfect place for a new brewer to learn the art.


  • Quicker brew times
  • Steep and boil your ingredients in one unit
  • Nice outdoor or indoor setup
  • Easy to move around
  • Good insulation thanks to double wall construction
  • Set and forget automated brewing
  • Valve simply extracts wort from mash to save time


  • Unit sometimes get hot on the outside after prolonged brewing
  • Digital console sometimes display inaccurate figures, but usually correct
  • Can only make 4 gallon batches

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Personally, I would recommend Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle to anybody looking to start brewing or upgrade from their existing makeshift brewer’s. A perfect choice for beginner to intermediate brewers looking for an electric alternative to traditionally the best brew kettles. The value for money and the quality of output is unmatched at the price range.

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