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Grainfather G70 Review: Electric Brewing System Worth the Money?

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Grainfather G70 is a high-tech electrical brewing system that can come in handy to both commercial breweries and home-brewers. It can turn out to be your perfect brewing companion by bringing authenticity to your brew.

At the same time, it does not need a lot of work. How?

You can run it through an app in a wireless and remote-controlled manner.

Here, I offer my Grainfather G70 review.

The Grainfather G70 - Electric Brewing System
  • The Grainfather G70
  • Up to 17kg (37lb) grain capacity
  • 60L (16 US Gal) into fermenter with up to 7.5% ABV finished beer

Grainfather G70 Features

High Performance

This brewer uses up to 3300 watts at high temperatures and offers a high flow rate through a food-grade pump. It pumps out 2 gallons or 8 liters of brew per minute. This means transferring the brew is efficient and safe.

Overall, it’s a large brewer that can produce 16 gallons or 60 liters of wort at a time.


In my Grainfather G70 review, I find that the product stands up proudly to the tradition of Grainfather’s innovation and consistency. The brewer is made of stainless steel and has a strong and contemporary look.

Grainfather G70 brewing system is fitted with an integrated sight glass that allows you to read the volume as you go sparging. This means you don’t need to stop sparging and check the volume or judge things blindly. Rather, you can continue with the process and keep checking the volume through the sight glass until you get the pre-boil volume.

You can replace the sight glass cap with a cleaning barb to clean the sight glass after every brew.

Smart Brewing

Grainfather G70 offers to take your brewing to the next level. With wireless control and iPhone and Android app integration features, it turns out to be one of the smartest products in its category. Get ready for a remote-controlled brewing experience. To that end, it supports both Apple and Android devices.

Concealed Heating Elements

The brewer is powered by a 3.2 kWh conical heating element. The bespoke heating system is secured on the base and is fully concealed making it easy to clean. The heat moves up the vessel avoiding areas that do not need heating. This way, the Grainfather G70 electric brewing system is a lot more energy-efficient than many of its competitors.

Since the heat spreads over the wide area of the brewer, there is little possibility of developing hot spots. The solids from the grains settle down on the false bottom and the heating elements are securely away from the content in the brewer.

The Grainfather G70 - Electric Brewing System
  • The Grainfather G70
  • Up to 17kg (37lb) grain capacity
  • 60L (16 US Gal) into fermenter with up to 7.5% ABV finished beer

Grainfather G70 Electric Brewing System Benefits

The color LCD controller is magnetically mounted that allows convenient removal and relocation on the brewery. This ensures you can view the controls from any angle. The brewer has a two-stage false base. This is particularly helpful in cleaning to ensure sparge is never stuck on the bottom.


  • 18.5 gallon capacity
  • 3,300-watt heating system
  • Color LCD controller
  • Wireless control via app
  • Two stages false bottom
  • Includes wort chiller
  • Bottom drain under the false bottom
  • Heavy-duty outside handles
  • Automatic heat sensors
  • Ball valve for draining and sampling
  • Stainless steel body
  • Excellent safety features
  • Max grain capacity of 37 pounds
  • Automatic heat sensors


  • Slightly expensive
  • Stiff learning curve
  • Heavy to move around


Q: What are the weight and dimensions of Grainfather G70?

A: Grainfather G70 has a dimension of 24 x 22 x 35 inches. It weighs 96.3 pounds.

Q: How much of the finished brew can we expect from it at a time?

A: Grainfather G70 can produce a maximum of 60 liters per brew.

Q: How much grain can Grainfather 70 process at a time?

A: The Grainfather G70 Electric Brewing System can hold up to 17 kg of grains. The conical base maximizes the brewing efficiency.  

Q: What Makes it Better than Other Brewing System?

An important feature that sets G70 apart from other brewing systems is PID heating control that offers accurate temperature control. This is important if you want your brew to taste the same as the one you liked the most. In other words, it ensures the repeatability of the brew you produce.

The Grainfather G70 - Electric Brewing System
  • The Grainfather G70
  • Up to 17kg (37lb) grain capacity
  • 60L (16 US Gal) into fermenter with up to 7.5% ABV finished beer


Overall, the Grainfather G70 electric brewing system is a large and efficient machine. It can hold 17 kg grains and produce 60 liters of finished beer at a time. That’s a lot if you want its use for personal consumption. It’s not a small quantity even if you want to use the product for commercial purposes. Its processing is quick and hassle-free but with a hands-on feel.

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