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GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler Review

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Draft beer or beer from microbreweries tastes great. You want to keep it for tomorrow and the day after as well! Well, you can store your favorite beer for a few days without losing its quality, taste, and fizz by using GrowlerWerks uKeg.

Some users claim that they use a growler-fill over an entire week. Even the last pint is fresh and carbonated as the first. So we did our own Ukeg review.

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GrowlerWerks uKeg Features

Foam and Fizz in Right Proportions

Nobody would enjoy a flat beer. But a beer that’s more foam than fizz is not great either. You need to ensure the right level of carbonation for your beer. The benefit of having a pressurized growler is you can turn down the pressure when the beer is getting too foamy. If it lacks foam, you just need to increase the pressure by using the knob. You can always experiment from turning it off at 0 up to 15 psi and surprise yourself!

Keeps Your Beer Fresh

GrowlerWerks uKeg is a pressurized grower and it promises to keep your beer fresh, cold, and carbonated much like how you get it at the breweries directly from the tap. The Ukeg boasts a pressure gauge that lets you know the exact pressure inside the growler in terms of pounds per square inch (PSI). You can use the dial to regulate the pressure inside the growler from 0 to 15.

Learning the Process

Ukeg is slightly different from standard growlers and you need to read the instructions once to be able to use it properly. There are quite a few things you need to know about this growler.

The kit comes with two 8 gm CO2 cartridges (buy more separately) and each of them lasts a full growler.

You then begin with filling up the grower with the beverage. Then you place the CO2 cartridge into the sleeve in the cap, twist it, screw on uKeg neck, and adjust the regulator – 1 for beer and 2 for soda and cocktails.

Looks Beautiful

Here is a beautiful piece of the growler that’s both sleek and heavy-duty. The uKeg is copper-plated that looks stunning, to say the least.

Reasonable Capacity

If you consume only reasonable quantities of beer at a time and want it fresh on the go, the uKeg is just perfect for you. The GrowlerWerks uKeg can hold 64oz of liquid (beer), or about 5 standard glasses of beer that should be sufficient. If not, they offer a 128oz for those that want to keep more of their precious brew cold. It doubles the capacity but not nearly the price!

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You’re not getting close to what your home kegerator can hold, but you can’t take that with you.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler Benefits

Our GrowlerWerks review finds that it has many distinguishing features including the dispenser tap. You don’t need to remove the cap for pouring the beer. It also has a tap-lock that prevents dispensing spills. You also have a sight glass at the top that shows how much of the beer is still left in the keg.


  • Like a mini-keg
  • Can be used at home or on the go
  • Durable and ergonomic
  • Two CO2 cartridges of 8 gm each
  • CO2 regulator cap
  • Double-walled vacuum insulated
  • Made of stainless steel, copper, or chrome
  • Interchangeable tap handle
  • Dispenser tap
  • Sight glass


  • Takes a little learning to fit the cartridge
  • Little more complicated than standard growlers
  • Few complaints about leaks and frail faucet  


How long does beer stay fresh in the uKeg?

The carbonated uKeg growler will keep your beer fresh for weeks. At least 2 weeks but if you don’t open it at all could make it to 4 weeks and be as fresh as you filled it!

Can this growler be carried to camping and picnics?

Yes, it’s a heavy-duty growler weighting around 4 pounds that you can carry during your outdoor adventure trips.

Apart from beer, what other drinks can be kept in the GrowlerWerks uKeg?

You can keep soda and cocktails as well as ordinary carbonated cold drinks.

Can you put hot drinks like coffee or tea in it?

No, you should not use hot drinks whatsoever. Anything above 120 degrees will damage the sight glass and void the warranty.

How long can it last out of the fridge?

Thanks to double wall insulation it can last a few hours before you get home to put it in the fridge.

What comes included with the Ukeg?

You’ll get 2 CO2 cartridges so you’re ready to go – nothing else needed!

Are their instructions or more FAQs available?

Yes, you can look here on GrowlerWerks for how to use the uKeg along with more FAQs and warranty information. They also have some craft cocktail recipes you can add to your uKeg.

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We recommend there is a lot of value in the 128 oz uKeg as you get more bang for your buck! Double the fun for a fraction of an additional cost will be well worth it. You’ll be glad you did!

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Final Verdict

In our GrowlerWerks uKeg review, we found that when you buy this product, you actually invest in something that offers great value for money – especially with the 128oz. GrowlerWerks uKeg is a lot about the taste and quality of the beer keeping it cold. But it also speaks a lot about your taste and refinement in regard to choosing the right pressure and carbonation with the beer you drink. This uKeg review finds that I can recommend it to both the connoisseurs and homebrewers as well as the regular drinkers of beer that like to take their favorite brewery beer or kegerator on the go.

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