Best Wine Fridge for Champagne

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When buying your favorite bottle of bubbly, don’t forget about the best storage to ensure its integrity. The right fridge is imperative for maintaining the quality of your finest vintages and newest finds. Finding a wine fridge should be a top priority as an enthusiast or even someone who drinks this delicious beverage occasionally!

When considering which wine fridge is best for storing and keeping Champagne at the perfect temperature, you want to take a few key factors into account. Size is one consideration – you’ll want enough room to store your bottles horizontally. 

Another factor is temperature – many wine fridges have settings that allow you to control the temperature. Be sure to choose one that will keep your Champagne at the perfect drinking temperature. You need good temperature control so it doesn’t go bad or freeze before it’s time. 

Champagne tends to be slightly more sensitive than other wines, so they must be stored safely and in a temperature-controlled environment with minimal exposure to light changes or vibrations when moving around.

Stillness will ensure your bottles don’t roll around on their own accord as well- thus leading them towards being broken! And lastly, proper seals keep airtight except when opening/closing doors, which helps reduce any chance of spoilage during transport from one place to another.

Finally, price is always a factor, so decide what you’re willing to spend and find the best wine fridge for Champagne that fits your budget. 

A champagne fridge is a must-have for any wine lover. But with so many different models and brands on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. 

In this blog post, we’ll help you find the best wine fridge for Champagne for your needs. We’ll cover everything from size and features to price and brand. So whether you’re in the market for your first champagne fridge or are just looking to upgrade, read on for our top recommendations.

Best Wine Fridge for Champagne (Quick Comparision)

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Top 7 Best Wine Fridge for Champagne

Kalamera 30 Bottle Wine Fridge

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The Kalamera wine fridge can hold up to 30 bottles of different sizes and is only affected when having larger bottles, like Pinot or Champagne. The soft blue LED light keeps your wine in a beautiful environment, helping you select your favorite wine at all times. 

The special stainless steel frame with 2 layers of tempered glass stabilizes temperature levels inside and keeps the glass from fogging. Plus, the automatic defrosting function works every six hours. With its LED control display, you can easily set the temperature from 40-66°F, so you can always enjoy your wine at the perfect chilling temperature.

With its temperature memory function, this fridge will keep your wine at a consistent temperature, ensuring that it remains fresh and flavorful. The five wooden shelves are removable and adjustable, so you can customize the storage to fit your needs. The shelves also have stoppers to prevent your bottles from falling when you remove them. 

This fridge can be installed under the counter or used as a freestanding unit, making it a versatile and convenient addition to any home. 

Key Features

– Holds up to 30 bottles

– LED control display

– Temperature memory function

– Adjustable and removable shelves

– Stainless steel frame with 2 layers of tempered glass

– Automatic defrosting function


– It also fits perfectly under the counter and has bright lighting that is not too obnoxious.

– The LED control display makes it easy to set the temperature

– Temperature memory function keeps your wine at a consistent temperature

– Shelves are adjustable and removable for customized storage, making them fit different-sized bottles.

– Quiet operation

– This wine fridge has a clean, simple look and blends very well with the other stainless steel appliances.


– Security (locks) is not so good

– There is a temperature difference

Colzer Premium 51 Bottle

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Looking for a top-of-the-line wine cooler that keeps your bottles chilled and looks amazing doing it? Look no further than the Colzer Premium 51 Bottle Wine Cooler. This sleek and stylish wine cooler features double toughened glass doors with a hollow layer, perfect for blocking out unwanted light and preserving your wine’s flavor. 

The Colzer also featured an upgraded air cooling and activated carbon filter system to keep your wine cabinet smelling fresh for years to come. The solid wood wine racks add a touch of luxury to any room. 

This state-of-the-art wine cooler is specifically designed to reduce noise, with a sleek and elegant appearance that will show off your taste. The screen button’s simple and portable operation and the temperature memory function make this wine cooler perfect for your needs. Additionally, the Colzer Wine Cooler comes with a 24-hour customer service guarantee, so you can purchase confidently.

This cooler is made from very stable wine cabinet material and weighs 100 pounds, making it perfect for reducing noise. It also features adjustable shelves, so you can customize your storage. Plus, it’s quiet, under the counter, and freestanding for easy placement. And with extra height, you’ll have no problem fitting larger bottles. Best of all, this cooler uses compressor refrigeration for long-lasting quality.

Key Features

– Double toughened glass doors

– Air cooling system

– Activated carbon filter system

– Solid wood wine racks

– Screen button operation

– Temperature memory function


– Perfect for blocking out light and preserving flavor

– Upgraded air cooling system and activated carbon filter system keep your wine cabinet smelling fresh

– Sleek and elegant appearance with a simple and portable operation

– Comes with a 24-hour customer service guarantee


– Quite heavy

– The label cannot be read when the bottle is on the shelf.

NewAir 29 Bottle

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The front-venting compressor system enables the fridge to be installed under standard kitchen counters or used as a standalone unit. With dual-zone cooling, it can store up to 29 standard wine bottles at optimal temperatures – perfect for reds and whites. Whites stay chilled in the upper zone at 40 to 55 degrees, while reds stay perfectly cooled in the lower zone at 50 to 66 degrees. 

Equipped with digital temperature controls, you can select your ideal serving temperature down to a degree. The sleek black stainless steel exterior will look great in any kitchen. Don’t miss out on this top-quality wine cooler!

NewAir 29 Bottle is a great option because it has triple-tempered glass doors that provide outstanding insulation to keep cold air inside. In addition, the glass has been treated with an anti-UV layer to protect wines from oxidation due to sunlight exposure. 

The quiet, compressor-based fan cooling system circulates air evenly and includes a carbon filter to keep the air around your wine fresh. Add adjustable beech wood shelves and a black stainless steel finish. 5 Wood Shelves. LED technology provides glare-free blue illumination to help you read the labels on your wine bottles as you select the perfect bottle for your meal or occasion.

Key Features

– Front-venting compressor system

– Dual-zone cooling

– Holds up to 29 bottles

– Digital temperature controls

– Sleek black stainless steel exterior


– Triple-tempered glass doors provide excellent insulation

– Anti-UV glass protects wine from oxidation

– Quiet, compressor-based fan cooling system with a carbon filter for fresh air

– Adjustable beech wood shelves and blue LED lighting to create an elegant display


– Too tall to fit under their kitchen counters

Lanbo Triple Zones 149 Bottle

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Lanbo Triple Zones 149 Bottle wine fridge offers different temperature settings for different types of wines, so you can preserve their delicate flavors and aromas. 

With three temperature zones, you can store red, white, and sparkling wines at their ideal temperature, ensuring that your wines taste their best. The upper zone has a range of 41-64℉, the middle zone is 41-54℉, and the lower zone is 54-64℉. 

Plus, it can hold up to 149 bottles of 750ml standard Bordeaux wine. And if you need to store larger bottles, no problem! Just remove one or two shelves, and you’re good to go.

The powerful fan cooling system circulates air evenly throughout the cooler, ensuring that your wines are properly cooled and protected from large temperature differences. The carbon filter ensures fresh air circulates throughout the cabinet, keeping your wines at their optimal humidity level. 

Key Features

– Three temperature zones: 41-64℉, 41-54℉, and 54-64℉

– Holds up to 149 bottles of wine

– Powerful fan cooling system

– Carbon filter for fresh air circulation


– Perfect for storing different types of wines at their ideal temperature

– Large capacity holds up to 149 bottles of wine

– Fan cooling system circulates air evenly throughout the cooler

– Carbon filter protects wines from large temperature swings and humidity fluctuations


– The number of bottles to hold will be greatly reduced if larger bottles are accommodated.

AAOBOSI 28 Bottle

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With a seamless stainless steel frame and double tempered glass door, this built-in or freestanding wine fridge is stylish and practical, perfectly matching any home décor. The sleek design will surely be a great addition and focal point at any event.

Featuring a professional & powerful compressor, the built-in wine fridge runs quietly with a low operating noise of 42 dB and energy saving. Low vibration helps to keep the taste and maturation of your wine.

This fridge features two zones with different temperatures, so you can customize the perfect chilling temperature for your wine. The upper zone has a temperature of 41-54°F, while the lower zone is 54-68°F. With a capacity of 28 bottles, this wine fridge is perfect for any wine lover. The beech wood shelves are easy to slide out and individually disassembled, making it easy to store your bottles. 

Thanks to the temperature memory function, the set temperature is restored after it is back on from power loss. Additionally, a lock screen function protects the set program from being disrupted due to accidental operation. Also, a security lock is included, whether you’re looking for a wine cooler that can store all of your favorites or keep specific wines at the perfect.

Key Features

– 28 bottle capacity

– Two temperature zones: 41-54°F and 54-68°F

– Memory function restores the set temperature after power loss

– Lock screen function protects against accidental changes

– Security lock included


– Different temperature zones for red and white wines

– Quiet operation

– Lock screen function prevents accidental changes to the settings

– Space for larger bottles without removing shelves.


– The shelves are not very sturdy.

Nutrichef 15 Bottle

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This top-quality wine fridge features 4 contoured and polished chrome wine racks and a bottom rack that can hold up to 15 bottles of wine. This powerful and stylish wine fridge keeps all your favorite wines chilled and stored securely. The sleek design makes it a great addition to any countertop, and it makes an excellent gift idea for any wine lover in your life.

This wine fridge features an adjustable temperature setting of 41-64° degrees Fahrenheit (5 – 18°C), so you can precisely set the temperature to your liking. The Child Safety Auto-Lock feature will lock itself automatically 20 seconds after the last time a button is pressed to keep the little ones from changing the levels set. The digital soft-touch button control panel is equipped with a digital soft-touch button control panel so you can easily adjust the unit (°C/°F), temperature, and interior LED light illumination.

The advanced cooling system ensures that your drinks will stay cold without making a noise, and the glass door with stainless steel frame and handle looks great in any kitchen. In addition, this countertop wine cooler is ultra-quiet and energy-efficient, making it the perfect choice for any wine lover.

Key Features

– 4 contoured and polished chrome wine racks

– Holds up to 15 bottles of wine

– Temperature setting of 41-64° degrees Fahrenheit (5 – 18°C)

– The child Safety Auto-Lock feature locks automatically 20 seconds after the last button pressed

– Digital soft-touch button control panel for easy adjustments


– Ultraquiet and energy efficient

– Child safety auto-lock prevents little ones from changing the settings

– Digital soft-touch button control panel makes it easy to adjust the temperature.


– The light system is not user-friendly.

BODEGA 56 Bottle 

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With a spacious 56 bottle capacity, it can store all your favorite reds at the perfect temperature, ensuring they’re always ready to drink. The advanced temperature control system ensures that your wine is kept at optimum conditions, meaning you can enjoy it at its best. The individually stainless steel shelves are strong and durable, protecting your bottles from scratches and ensuring they stay in pristine condition. 

This amazing wine fridge has a dual cooling zone thermostat, which allows you to keep your white wines at the ideal temperature of 41-54℉ in the upper zone and your red wines at 54-68℉ in the lower zone. So you can easily adjust the temperature for your white or red wines. 

The digital LED temperature display makes it easy to see your wine’s temperature, and the front vent system ensures that your wine is evenly chilled. You can easily adjust the temperature (℃/℉) to your liking, and the soft interior LED light, and front vent system will keep your drinks chilled with our advanced temperature control technology. 

This versatile unit can be installed in kitchen cabinets, living rooms, garages, and many other places, making it a great choice for any wine lover. The built-in function will save you precious space in your kitchen, while the front ventilation design ensures that your wine is always at the perfect temperature. In addition, the sturdy stainless steel doors and handles are stylish and durable, making the BODEGA perfect for any home décor. 

This energy-efficient wine cooler uses an R600a compressor, which is quiet and provides even cooling without fluctuations, meeting international energy consumption standards. The Bodega runs virtually silent with no vibration, so wine sediments are not disturbed, and the flavor is crisp and delicious.

Key Features 

– Spacious 56 bottle capacity

– Dual cooling zone thermostat with a temperature range of 41-68℉

– Digital LED temperature display

– Front vent system for evenly chilled wine

– Can be installed in many different places


– Space-saving design

– Energy-efficient compressor

– Quiet operation with no vibration


– The instructions are confusing.

What to Look for When Buying a Wine Fridge for Champagne

Types of Wine Fridges

There are two main types of wine fridges: single-zone and dual-zone.

A single-zone wine fridge is best for storing long-term, as it keeps the temperature consistent throughout the fridge. This is important for Champagne as it is more susceptible to oxidation than other types of wine.

A dual-zone wine fridge has two separate compartments, each with its temperature control. This allows you to store long-term and short-term Champagne in the same fridge.


When choosing a size for your wine fridge, you need to take into account how many bottles of Champagne you want to be able to store. If you often entertain or have a large collection of Champagne, you will need a larger fridge. A good rule of thumb is that each bottle takes up about 1 cubic foot (28 liters) of space.

So, if you want to be able to store 24 bottles of Champagne, you will need a wine fridge that is at least 24 cubic feet (668 liters).


Wine fridges can be expensive, so you need to consider your budget when choosing one. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider a cheaper option, such as a regular fridge with an internal thermometer.

Temperature Range

The best way to store Champagne is at a temperature that will not damage it. It’s important for your wine cellar or fridge, so keep in mind the following temperatures: 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit (7 Celsius) if you’re storing rosé/white wines; 50 °F when aging darker vintages like red burgundy and pinot noir.

Experts disagree on the exact range, with some suggesting that slightly cooler temperatures give better results and others saying it doesn’t matter at all as long you keep your bottles cold enough to stop fermentation – which will happen automatically if cells become isolated from their surroundings by freezing point depression (which can happen quickly). 

Most wine fridges have a temperature range of 40-65°F (4-18°C), which is suitable for Champagne. However, if you are planning on serving your Champagne, you will need a fridge with a lower temperature range to chill the Champagne before serving it. A dual-zone wine fridge is ideal, as it has two separate compartments with different temperature controls.

Humidity Control

70-75% humidity is ideal for storing sparkling wine. If you want to ensure that your corks stay fresh and mold doesn’t grow, maintain a higher level of 80%. Anything lower can cause dryness in the bottle, making drinking less enjoyable, while any higher encourages cavities due to too high levels of oxygen exposure over time!

Champagne is best stored in a cool, dark place with low humidity. This helps to prevent the Champagne from going bad and developing mold.

Most wine fridges come with humidity control, such as a humidifier or dehumidifier. If you live in an area with high humidity, you may want to choose a wine fridge with a built-in humidifier.

Vibration Reduction

Just like a fine wine, your Champagne deserves to be treated delicately. To ensure that it lasts as long and tastes just as good, you need an environment where there are no sudden movements or vibrations- which can lead to overwhelming temperature changes and lasting effects on how fresh they taste!

For the more expensive bottles of Champagne you plan on aging, they mustn’t experience much movement. So you want a fridge with secure-fitting lids and weighted bases to avoid knocking over fragile glass during transport or storage!

Some wine fridges have special features to reduce vibration, such as dampers or shock absorbers. If you are concerned about vibration, you may want to choose a wine fridge with these features.


Keep your Champagne in the dark! Champagne is a delicate wine that needs to be handled with care. The exposed light can adversely affect its taste, so avoid exposing it too long or in direct sunlight if possible! It’s best suited for darker bottles because clear ones receive even more UV rays which will change how your champagne tastes over time – think of it as leaving a beer in the sun for too long.

The good news is that light damage to Champagne happens mainly due to UV rays, so you don’t need as much concern about indoor lighting. However, if your home has fluorescent or any other type of artificial light that create an ultra-violet (UV)ray, this would be one more thing concerning rare vintages and unique antique bottles!

While this doesn’t have too many effects on the taste and quality of the wine itself (although rare vintages may become less valuable), constant illumination can affect how labels display their age.

Display Shelves

Some wine fridges come with display shelves, which can be handy if you want to show off your collection. However, these shelves are unnecessary and will not affect the quality of your Champagne.

Door Type

There are two main types of doors for wine fridges: glass and solid. Glass doors allow you to see inside the fridge without opening it, which can be handy if you want to check on your Champagne without letting out the cold air. Solid doors are best if you are worried about light exposure or want to prevent anyone from tampering with your Champagne.

The light can cause it to go bad and develop mold. You might want a fridge with lighting or UV-resistant glass doors, for this reason, so make sure you select one accordingly before buying one of these items new vs used.


When buying a wine fridge, make sure you check the warranty. Most wine fridges come with a one-year warranty, but some higher-end models may have a longer warranty.

It’s important to read the fine print on the warranty, as some companies will only cover certain types of damage. For example, some warranties may not cover damage caused by humidity or vibration.

FAQs about Wine Fridge for Champagne

What is “Champagne”?

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced in France’s Champagne region. Sparkling wines are made of many different types that have bubbles. You’ll often hear experts say something like “champagne is a sparkling wine,” but not all sparkling wines called ‘sparkling’ qualify as such.” Instead, they’re referring to the method in which the wine was made.

For a sparkling wine to officially be called Champagne, it must come from the Champagne region in France and be made using the traditional method. In this method, the wine is fermented in bottles instead of barrels and undergoes a second fermentation process that adds carbonation. It is made from a blend of white grapes and is typically dry and carbonated. Champagne is often used for special occasions and pairs well with food.

However, many people use “Champagne” to refer to any bottle of sparkling wine. So what are the other wines?


The sparkliness of Cava is both profound and potent, as it comes from a different grape than Champagne. This Spanish wine has been made using grapes such as Xarel-lo (a kind typically found in semis), Macabeo (intensely flavorsome), or Parellada(rich).


Prosecco is a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed at any time of day. It’s made with grapes from the Glera variety, which are crushed to release their sweetness before adding it into sparkling wine created using the Charmat method for aging purposes- usually lasts about two months in bottles or five years off the bottle if stored properly!

Why Do I Need a Wine Fridge for Champagne?

Champagne is a type of white wine that can be made from grapes in several different countries. For the grape to become Champagne, it must go through an additional process after fermentation has been completed – this involves leaving some parts, including skins and seeds, behind so they add color as well flavor but also lots of tannins which protect against oxidization when exposed too warm temperatures because these preserving qualities help keep quality intact by preventing exposure before bottle- aging begins!

White wines are less tannic than red ones. Unfortunately, this means they’re more susceptible to oxidation at warm temperatures, which is why you need a tightly-controlled freezing point for white wine chilling systems installed in your home or office–but not so low that it will cause any damage!

This is why Champagne collectors and enthusiasts need the best wine fridge with a special compartment that can store their favorite sparkling beverages consistently at an optimal temperature.

How Long Does Champagne Last?

Properly stored, an unopened bottle of Champagne will maintain its quality for about 3-5 years after its harvest date. However, once the bottle has been opened, it should be consumed within 3-5 days, as the quality of the wine will start to decline after that point.

When storing Champagne, ensure the bottle is lying on its side so the cork does not dry out and become brittle. You should also avoid storing Champagne near sources of vibration or heat, as this can cause the wine to go bad prematurely. Finally, ensure the wine fridge you use has good ventilation so that the air can circulate properly around the bottles.

The best wine fridge for Champagne can maintain a consistent temperature between 48-55 degrees Fahrenheit and has good ventilation.

How Much Champagne Should I Buy?

This depends on how much you plan to drink and how many people you buy for. If you are buying Champagne for a special occasion, you may want to buy more than you would if you were just buying it yourself.

You should also consider how long you plan to store the Champagne. Champagne can last for 3-5 years if stored properly, so you may want to buy more than you need if you plan on keeping it for a while.

Finally, consider your budget when deciding how much Champagne to buy. Champagne can be expensive, so you may want to limit your purchase if you are on a tight budget.

Generally, you should buy at least 2 bottles of Champagne if you are buying for yourself and 3-4 bottles if you are buying for a group.

How to Care for Your Wine Fridge and Keep Your Champagne Bottles Chilled

It’s important to keep your wine fridge clean and well-maintained, so it can properly chill your champagne bottles. You should wash the fridge’s inside with a damp cloth every week and more often if it gets dirty.

You should also vacuum the coils on the back of the fridge every few months to remove dust and dirt. This will help the fridge run more efficiently and prevent your Champagne from getting too warm.

Finally, ensure you keep the fridge door closed as much as possible to maintain a consistent temperature. Opening and closing the door too often can cause the temperature to fluctuate, damaging your champagne bottles.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Wine Fridge Specifically for Champagne

A few pros and cons exist to owning a wine fridge specifically for Champagne.


-You can be sure your Champagne will always be properly chilled. This is important because Champagne is more susceptible to oxidation than other types of wine, so it needs to be kept at a consistent temperature.

-Another is that you can buy a larger fridge if you want to, which can come in handy if you often entertain or have a large collection of champagne bottles.


-Wine fridges can be expensive. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider a cheaper option, such as a regular fridge with an internal thermometer.

-You need to be careful not to overfill the fridge. This can cause the temperature to fluctuate, damaging your champagne bottles.

Overall, owning a wine fridge specifically for Champagne has pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to weigh these factors before deciding whether a wine fridge is right for you.

Tips for Serving Champagne from a Wine Fridge

When serving Champagne from a wine fridge, pouring it into glasses that have been chilled beforehand is important. This will help keep the champagne cold and prevent it from losing its carbonation.

The ideal serving temperature for Champagne is between 47°F – 50 ° F (8 ° C). Put your bottle in the fridge a few hours before you want to drink it and check on it every half hour, ensuring it’s not too cold or warm. If necessary, use an ice bucket when chilling faster than this rate.

When you plan to serve Champagne, it is best practice for the bottle not to be stored at too low of an internal temperature, like in the freezer. If left in a single zone wine fridge set at 55°F (13 °C), there’s potential that freezing will occur and result in slushy or frozen décor rather than elegant peaks!

If you plan on purchasing a dual-zone wine fridge, simply move your Champagne from its long-term storage compartment (set at 55°F) into one appropriate for serving and drinking – 47 degrees or below! You should do this ahead of time, so it has enough time to chill before opening. Otherwise, all those bubbles will go flat quickly…, and we don’t want any wasted money here 🙂

You should also avoid pouring Champagne into fluted glasses, as this can cause the carbonation to escape. Instead, pour it into straight-sided glasses or champagne saucers.

You should also avoid pouring the Champagne too quickly, as this can cause it to lose its bubbles. Instead, pour it slowly down the side of the glass so that the bubbles have time to dissipate.

Finally, ensure you serve the Champagne within 2 hours of opening the bottle. Once opened, Champagne will start to go flat and lose its flavor.


There is a solution for people who love Champagne and need to keep their bottles cold. The best wine fridges are designed with different types of wines in mind, so they will be able to accommodate your needs as well!

These seven options can help you find the perfect one based on what matters most: how many shelves it has; whether or not those doors open fully opened flat against a wall (which would make storage space easier); if there’s room underneath where I could place another basket/shelf… anything else?

We all have different needs when it comes to our Champagne. For example, some of you may need a larger fridge with plenty of storage space, while others might only want something small enough for two bottles and an ice bucket! But no matter what type or size your collection requires, there’s sure to be one perfect on our list.

Thanks for reading, and check out our other best wine fridge for Champagne lists! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below. In addition, our website has useful information available; you can refer to it now.

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